High-density polyethylene is a widely used, affordable thermoplastic. It has good built-in lubricity and is easy to process. Like many engineered plastics, HDPE is easily recyclable and can help significantly reduce plastic waste and production, which make it the preferred plastic material for many manufacturers.
Designed to be one of the most versatile plastics in the world, high-density polyethylene offers a wide variety of benefits. Engineered to be long-lasting, low maintenance and safe, its light weighted makes it ideal for manufacturers who look for plastic alternatives to their old and heavy materials.
HDPE is FDA approved for use in the food processing industry, and it provides the added benefit of being moisture, stain and odour resistant.

In addition to the many benefits listed above, HDPE is corrosion resistant, meaning it does not splinter, rot or retain harmful bacteria. This key feature, along with its weather resistance, makes it perfect for use in areas exposed to water, chemicals, solvents and other fluids.

Property Polypropylene Units Test Method ISO Value
Density g/cm³ 1183 0.95
Yield stress mPa 527-2/1B/20 21
Tensile strain at break % 527 20
Izod notched impact strength 23 °C kJ/ m² 180 10
Izod notched impact strength -30 °C kJ/ m² 180 5
Heat deflection temperature (HDT) 1.80mPa °C 75-2Ae 46
Vicat softening temperature 50H/50 °C °C 306/B50 70
Flammability UL94 HB

All above apply to thermoplastics immediately after extrusion, with no aging effect.


  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Approved for commercial food use by the FDA
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Easily molded and transformed into just about any shape or design
  • High chemical, impact, and weather resistance
  • Resistant to rotting, insects, mildew, and mold because of minimal moisture
  • absorption
  • Used for outdoor applications as it can stand some of the most extreme weather
  • Recyclable
  • Excellent long-term durability


  • Boating seats, floors, cabinetry, counter tops, walkway
  • Fuel tanks, lawn and garden products, storage sheds, hard hats, plastic lumber
  • Chemical resistant piping systems, corrosion protection for steel pipelines, water pipes for domestic water supply
  • Agricultural processes, food processing equipment
  • Mechanical parts, tank linings, wear strips
  • Swimming pool installations, banners, folding chairs and tables, outdoor furniture
  • Arena board (puck board)
  • Moisture resistant body boards for morgue
  • Cutting board, cheese molds, frozen food molds, water bottle
  • Bottling Lines and Conveyor Systems
  • Material Handling Strips and Components
  • Signage, Fixtures, and Displays
  • Playground equipment
  • RV, and emergency vehicle interiors.


  • Marine industry
  • Medical
  • Storage industry
  • Piping systems
  • Industrial use
  • Consumer, houseware
  • Boarding use
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Recreation


Custom colors available upon request; minimum quantity apply.

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